School Improvement

School Improvement 

Starting in the Fall, our staff identify areas we are working on as identified on our School Self-Assessment Roadmap:

Our current learning goals are:        

  • Students will be able to count in a variety of ways and from a range of benchmarks
  • Students will begin to think more flexibly with number and demonstrate that numbers can be 'broken' in to many parts
  • Students will use a range of tools and models to demonstrate their number flexibility

 Specifically, we identified these areas of need after discussions with staff, students, and parents.  We examined and reflected on extensive data at the school level, and using board-level and provincial level assessments.

 Staff have identified specific evidence and strategies that they will be focused on during the school year.  Below are copies of our current school roadmap which includes more detail about what our staff is focussing on.


School Roadmap