Our Friend Laurie Hawkins

Laurie Hawkins:  Friend, Mentor and Namesake!

Laurie Hawkins

Laurie Hawkins was a friend to the school children in Ingersoll for many years. As our Community Policing Officer, it was not surprising to see her in our buildings multiple times throughout a week. Sometimes it was to visit a student in need, other times it was to act as a consultant around safety issues, and often it was to instruct grade 5 and 6 students in the V.I.P. program. Sometimes she would wear her uniform and other times she would visit us in her street clothes. She was very good at giving advice and was always willing to help people.

When we learned our friend and her family had passed away, we were all very sad – the police force, the town and the schools had lost a friend, an advocate and a mentor.

During the months that our school was being built, there was lots of talk about what our new name should be. Many community and school members submitted names for the new school, but it became quite apparent at the first Naming Committee Meeting that there was really only one name that stood out amongst the rest. We wanted our school children to remember the fabulous person that Laurie was and the way that she gave of herself to others. It was our wish that our children would remember what Laurie taught us about being respectful, brave and kind and would try to exemplify these qualities each day. 

We are still sad that our friend is gone. Someone in this building thinks of her fondly each day, in different ways. It is fitting that our school colours – red, black and yellow – mirror those of the Ontario Provincial Police patch that she proudly wore. It is also fitting that our mascot – the Phoenix – represents re-birth from tragedy. We thank you Laurie for being our friend and our mentor and we will strive to keep your memory alive each day in our actions and our words.

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