Numeracy Resources

Numeracy Resources for Students and Parents

At Laurie Hawkins, we are working hard to improve in our students' abilities to understand mathematical concepts, and communicate their thinking in this area. The first section of this page provides links that are about the importance of Numeracy and why these skills are important to our students in today's world. We live in a vast global community which is why we've linked to sites in many parts of the world.
The second section provides online interactive math games and activities, our students will be using at school, but they may also come to this site and use these same activities to re-inforce their math skills at home. We hope you find this page informative and helpful as we spend this year focusing on Numeracy Skills throughout our school. If, in your own Internet searches you find other good educational links we might include here, please send me those links. I'd be happy to include them.

 Numeracy Skills - The What and The Why?
  1. The Essential Skill of Numeracy (The reason why Numeracy is important)
  2. University of England - Why Numeracy is Important
  3. Canadians Need to Do More To Improve at Numeracy (Globe and Mail)
  4. Trades Math Workbook Online (Employment and Skills Development Canada)
  5. Reach Every Student (Energizing Ontario Education)
  6. The Ontario Math Curriculum (Ontario Ministry of Education)
  7. What Works?  (Research into Practice)


 Online Interactive Games and Activities